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Advertise Our Product in Your Web

In addition to worldwide Exclusive Distributor we offer drop shipping Worldwide..

With DW Business Models, retailers can purchase our products in small quantity yet in very competitive wholesale prices. Alternatively, benefit from our drop shipping services, with no investment. If there is anything we can do to assist you with the business relationship, whether it is wholesale or drop shipping services, please contact us. 

Drop Shipping Model

With our drop shipping model, all you need is to advertise our products on your website and once you received order, we will take care of the rest by delivering the product ordered to your costumers, on behalf of you. You do not have to hold any stocks in hand and no worry about the shipping and handling work.

How it works?

  1. You advertise our products on your website.
  2. Customer shopping to your website and order our product(s).
  3. You collect the payment and other information from customer.
  4. You forward customer order and shipping information to us.
  5. We process the order and ship the product(s) on clear fund.
  6. A packing slip with your company name and address printed will be shipped with the parcel.
  7. You make a profit from your retail price minus the drop shipping price.


  1. NO need to keep any stocks in hand (No investment! Yet increase your product range).
  2. FAST PROFITS within few sales (We recommend you to follow the retail price we set).
  3. NO need to worry about shipping and handling. We provide you the tracking number.
  4. NO minimum order and no time frame for the next order.
  5. FULL support and guidance on our products.
  6. LOW drop shipping price of our products.


  1. NO stock in hand to ship product(s) instantly to customer.