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Exclusive Distributor

Be our Exclusive Distributor,
get the competitive lowest price...

To become an Exclusive Distributor,the prerequisite is you have to purchase 10 unit SAMPLE of products at our EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR PRICE.

You as the EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR, you will have the products in one shipment quantity at a very competitive DISTRIBUTOR price. You will benefit from high profit margin and well control of your business flow and shipping schedule.

How it works?

  1. You order our products from us and credit to our bank either by TT, LC, Credit Cards via Pay Pal, etc.
  2. We process the order and ship your order.
  3. Customer order our product(s) through you.
  4. You collect the payment and other information from customer.
  5. You ship product(s), invoice and other marketing materials to your customer.


  1. Low distributor price of our products,you can compare worldwide.
  2. No large investment (we set very low minimum quantity order).
  3. AVAILABLE products for immediate shipping.
  4. FULL support and guidance on our products.


  1. Responsible to keep the stock and its expense.
  2. Take care of shipping and handling.